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Our Team has started operation on Georgian Stock and Capital market from 1997. During the different times, we have managed activity of the several leading Georgian Brokerage Companies - "TBC broker", Georgian Investment Group (GIG)and "Georgian Investment Group+" (GIG+). Besides, we have worked for different Commercial banks since 1996 in the field of Treasury Bills, Investment and Currency exchange. Our Brokerageoperations conducts its activity due to the License of Georgian financial Supervisory Agency (Georgian National Securities and Exchange Commission). At the same time, GIG+ is co-founder of Georgian Stock Exchange (GSE).

GIG+ brokers take part in trades of GSE and also are very active participants on off exchange market.

We would like to mention that during 2000-2003 (first half)our brokers covered 75% of the total Stock Market in Georgia (both Stock Exchange and off exchange deals).

During 2000 our brokers deals number was 1093, volume was equal to 2535653 Gel. At the same time via our brokerage service were sell/buy 1647927 stocks. It was equal to 72.48% of all the deals, 30.32 % of the money turnover and 22.88% of stocks turnover.

During 2001 our brokers deals number was 2440, volume was equal to 31739163 Gel. At the same time via our brokerage service were sell/buy 144823652 stocks. It was equal to 72.55% of all the deals, 74.25 % of the money turnover and 59.15% of stocks turnover.

During 2002 Stock market activity in Georgia decreased, but our figures remains a very high-35.86% of all the deals, 46.22% of all the stocks traded and 23.51% of money turnover. Our brokers deals number was 770, volume was equal to 9030429.6 Gel. At the same time via our brokerage service were sell/buy 9916595 stocks. At the same time the very active was Treasury Bills Market in Georgia. Our brokers traded on 35 mln Gel Treasury Bills on secondary market and our average portfolio during the year reached 8000000 Gel  we have been at the list of five top portfolio leaders of Treasury Bills in Georgia - between Commercial Banks.

Due to results of 2003 GIG brokers covers 45.27% of Stock Markets volume, 54.71% of money turnover and 61.14% of all the deals. 1284 deals were conducted, 29423247 stocks were traded and money turnover reached 62915916 Gel. At the same time more than 20 mln Treasury Bills were sell/buy via us between 12 Commercial Banks and more than 100 legal and physical entities.

In 2004 GIG brokers conducted 1090 deals, volume reached 66116340.42 Gel, stocks turnover was 26040728. In percent view GIG share from the whole market of 2004 was: 45.47% of all the deals, 54.19% of money turnover and 30.45% of stocks traded.

During 2005 GIG brokers executed 945 deals and volume of transactions was equal to 39409899.43 Gel. At the same time 24627820 stocks were sold. In percent view GIG share from the whole market of 2005 was: 39.07% of all the deals, 39.41% of money turnover and 33.06% of stocks traded. Also in 2005, Firstly in Georgia, GIG issued and organized the successful placement Promissory Notes on the volume of 8 mln USD. At the same time, GIG+ was opened and has started operations.

During 2006 GIG brokers executed 6357 deals, money turnover reached 148543706.15 Gel. At the same time 27054414 stocks were sold. In percent view GIG share from the whole market  was: 68.72% of all the deals, 42.44% of money turnover and 18% of stocks traded.

During 2007 GIG+ brokers executed 3367 deals, money turnover reached 66330817 Gel. At the same time 23384091 stocks were sold. In percent view GIG share from the whole market was: 42.86% of all the deals, 39.60% of money turnover and 27.62% of stocks traded.


GIG+ clients are more than 450 Stock companies. They are: Leading Commercial Banks, Mass information facilities, insurance companies, energy sector, transport and telecommunications companies, production oriented and building companies.

Our Company activities directions are spread into the following basic services:

  • Trading on companies securities;
  • Merges/Acquisitions/divisions of Stock companies;
  • Obligatory purchase procedures of stocks;
  • Preparation on stocks tender procedures;
  • Valuation and price of stocks;
  • Research on market;
  • Trading on Georgian Treasury Bills;
  • Providing Assets Management Service;
  • Preparation of Companies Emission prospectus;
  • Securities Underwriting procedures on the Market;
  • Consulting Service;
  • Clients Informational support;
  • Weekly Review of Market informational-analytical situation.

Company experts permanently follow up the independent monitor of the Financial Market and on the basis of the internationally adopted technology prepare the Business  Rating of the leading Domestic companies. Presently more than 12 000 Physical and Legal entities receive our Weekly and Monthly Reviews in Georgia and abroad.
Reviews of Market are prepared into three languages  Georgian, English and Russian. Our subscribers are: Worldly well known leading financial institutions, research centers, mass information facilities and every person with an interest to stock markets.
Our publications permanently are published by the following mass information facilities and organizations:

  2. Federation of Euro Asian Exchanges (;
  3. Messenger (;
  4. AmCham News (www.magazine,;
  5. Business news Agency(;
  6. News Georgia (;
  7. Internet News (;
  8. Sarke (;
  9. Regions (
  10. Georgian Business Consulting ( )
  11. Azerbaijan news (;
  12. BISNIS (;
  13. Prime news (;
  14. Georgian Realty (
  15. Invest In Georgia (
  16. Materik (;


  1. 24 hours;
  2. Resonance;
  3. Georgian times;
  4. Alia;
  5. Black See press;
  6. Georgian Business Week;
  7. Tribuna;

And others

Our Activity

Our company's employee and partners:

  • Prepared the basic points of Securities Market Development in Georgia-November, 1996;
  • Were actively involved in procedures to create Georgian Securities Market legal foundation1997-1999;
  • Were the first, who executed the deals on Treasury Bills in Georgia on Primary and Secondary Markets - 1997;
  • Were the first who opened trades and traded on Futures contracts via Tbilisi Foreign Exchange-1998;
  • Prepared and organized TV program Scenario (with US embassy support) USA Capital Market and visited Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Lancaster. They took interview and received information on trades procedures from US Securities and Exchange Commission, Chicago Board of Trades (CBOT), Philadelphia exchange s(Philly), Meryl Lynch, First Union banks and VIT securities-Summer, 1998;
  • Firstly in Georgia used the Securities papers as the collateral instrument-February, 1999;
  • Firstly in Georgia opened and traded on stocks via Georgian Stock Exchange-April, 2000;
  • Firstly in Georgia introduced the Weekly informational-analytical independent survey on Capital Markets and Treasury Bills and its distribution via e-mails in Georgia and abroad-April, 2001;
  • Firstly in Georgia organized sell/buy of stocks and traded on-line-May, 2002;
  • Firstly in Georgia organized sell/buy and traded on Treasury Bills-June, 2002;
  • Firstly in Georgia introduced fixing on stocks-July, 2003;
  • Firstly in Georgia organized and executed trades on Treasury Bills publicly via Georgian Stock Exchange;
  • Due to the World Bank request prepared Georgian treasury Bills Primary and Secondary Markets research and indicated the problems and its solutions. We have prepared the new version of Treasury Bills circulation in Georgia and argue the reasons on that-March, 2004;
  • Prepared the Georgian Banking System Review and Analyze-February, 2005;
  • Prepared the research on Georgian Currency-Lari-and its trends-April, 2005;
  • Due to our request emission of Georgian Treasury Bills were suspended and was prepared the new law on its circulation and placement-June, 2005;
  • Firstly in Georgia organized and placed emission of non public Promissory notes-August, 2005;
  • Prepared the project on change of Trading Rules and Procedures on Georgian Stock Exchange and submitted to GSE-October, 2005;
  • Prepared the analyze of Georgian Investment Climate was published by US Chamber of Commerce-February, 2006;
  • Due to the World Bank request prepared research on Accounting and financial principles in Georgia, its development in Georgia-July, 2006

During 2008 GIG+ brokers executed 1505 deals, money turnover reached 15825690 Gel. At the same time 9059261stocks were sold. In percent view GIG+ share from the whole market was: 28.45% of all the deals, 23.00% of money turnover and 14.50% of stocks traded.

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